Action cam

Brochure App.


Hands free video recording – headset type Action cam

Good-bye heavy and hard to used Action cam.

This is the superlight action cam for smartphone.



Action cam is not only recording, but also being memorable,

Record the enjoy moment.


Easy to use

Support the Plug & Play

Working as soon as you plug in and play. Connecting your smartphone, Netween Inc’s exclusive app show the screen.


Headset type

Wearing with two ears.

Say good-bye to a stick helmet type action cam.

Say good-bye taking in the hands and shooting.

It is the headset type with your ears.


Being able to detach the camera from the headset

It is used in various parts.

You can use it on an outdoor sports camera and observation wire cam.





Just connect to smart phone and easy to use.

It works with android smartphones supporting OTG cable

Micro 5pin cable and the exclusive App.

Downloading the App., ‘netween cam’ on your smartphone and connecting the Action cam. Smartphone will be start to the App.



The exclusive headset and bike holder for handsfree.

Shooting video with no hands.

Wearing it with your ears.

No needs hands, just wear the headset.

The Action cam is able to be detached it. Put it on the bike holder when you hiking.




A smartphone is enough.

There is no need a special storage and a battery.

Don’t need to worry a battery and a storage.

Low power, low capacity of video files, low weight – Netween Inc.’s technique makes different.


Always ON

Shooting will keep going while the smartphone screen turn on standby mode.


Background mode

Shooting will keep going while you call and send SMS.


Low capacity video

500MB in an one hour


Once touch it, it starts to work.

Working as soon as you plug in smartphone and play.





Camera Camera sensor 1/4 inch CMOS WUXGA
Resolution HD(1280*720), VGA(640*480)
Pixel 300,000 Pixel
Video Video print MJPEG / 1280~최대 30fps
Weight Product weight 25g
Power Voltage DC 5V, 220Ma, 1.3W
Cable Cable length 120cm
Waterproof/dustproof   Waterproofing
Temperature   -20℃ ~ +60℃