• Check-list when you install cameras wirelessly
    • For more stable connection, check the strength of WiFi signal at where the camera is stalled.

      1. Checking your Wifi strength:

      To check the strength of WiFi, use a smart phone app like WiFi Analyzer. If the app shows the strength of -50dBm or higher, then your WiFi is strong enough.



      2. WiFi interference

      You can also check WiFi interference using WiFi Analyzer. Check the graphs in the app, and if there are any overlapping areas, change the channel in your WiFi network setting for your WiFi router. 



      2. Checking the speed of WiFi
      Use a smart phone app like BenchBee SpeedTest to see the speed at where the camera is installed. If the app shows 3Mbps or higher, then your WiFi speed is good enough.


      * Please be aware that the condition of WiFi connection is strongly affected by environment near by your WiFi. For example, the quality of WiFi router, walls or obstacles between the router and the camera, and interference with other wireless devices around the area can disturb and  make the connection unstable. 

  • [Cube Iron only] To change the connection from Wi-Fi to wired or vise versa
    • Please do the following to change from Wi-Fi connection to wired or from wired to Wi-Fi connection. 

      1. When registering as wired, select wired from network selection during camera registration step, then make wireless(Wi-Fi) registration.
      2. If you change the wired or wireless settings while registering during use, click Edit on the upper right of the camera list screen.
      3. Click the Settings icon at the top of the two icons.
      4. If you see a new menu, click Wireless Internet Settings if you want to change wireless settings to wired settings.
      5. Select the router you want to change from the list of routers around the camera and enter the password.
      6. Once the produce is rebooted, you can use it online.
      7. If you register wirelessly and want to change the setting to wired mode during use, it will be set after rebooting if you change the on to off.

  • How do I use Black Box mode?
    • Cube refers to a case where a mobile phone and a cube are connected directly to a smartphone without a wireless Internet.

           ● Boot up the product and press and hold the reset button on the back for about 2 seconds

           ● At this time, if the speaker makes a loud sound, it will switch to the registration mode.

           ● If you do a Wi-Fi search on your smartphone after performing the above operation, it is normal if it is searched in the form of “NETWEEN_xxxx.”

           ● After connecting the Smartphone Wi-Fi to the searched “NETWEEN_xxxx”, run the Cube App and select IOT icon on the right side of the screen and press the black box of IOT Menu.

           ● If you click “Start Black Box” on the black box screen and select “Start motion or normal recording” when uSD memory is installed, the image is saved in uSD memory and you check the recorded image in the saved image view.

  • How do I delete a snapshot picture received during motion alarm?
    • If movement occurs when motion is set, push notification message is sent to master user. At this time, the snapshot picture is transferred.

  • Is it possible to drive using a smartphone charger?
    • The same micro 5pin USB connector as the smartphone is adopted, making it possible to use the smartphone charger and the auxiliary battery charger. However, the current must support at least 1A. Dedicated adapter packaged in cube products is 5V/2A standard.

  • I want to turn the camera upside down on the ceiling.
    • If you hang it upside down on the ceiling, you will have to reverse the image. Click “Edit”, and then check both the “upside down” and the “reverse.”

  • The product does not proceed after it got failed from upgrading.
    • The following precaution should be taken when upgrading the drive software to Cube products. While upgrading, check the battery status and power status of the smartphone before carrying out.

           ● If it fails, reboot the product and try again.
           ● Keep it at App until Success is displayed until the upgrade is complete.
           ● Keep the product powered on until the upgrade is complete.

  • How can I check the images stored in micro SD?
    • To view images stored in micro SD, your smartphone and camera must be on the same network.

      1. Run the Netween Cube App on your smartphone.
      2. Press “Motion” on the app screen.
      3. You will see a list of cameras currently being recorded. Please select the camera you want to view.
      4. You will see a list of images host by that camera. Press the time zone you want to view.
        Or, if you select the date displayed at the top of the list, the calendar screen will appear, allowing you to select the desired date.

      *Since the smartphone and the camera are not on the same network. You need to unplug the SD card and check it on your PC to check it through your PC.

  • How do I save a video?
    • It supports micro SD memory up to 64GB and can store images.

      • If you upgrade the camera firmware to the latest firmware, it will work more stable.
      1. Insert it into the socket on the side of the micro-SD memory.
      2. Run the Netween Cube App on your smartphone.
      3. Tap online at the top of the app screen.

        4. Press “Edit” at the top of the camera list.


         5. If you see the message “Do you want to edit your camera settings?”, please click OK.


         6. Click format uSD to format it.



      If it is formatted, you do not need to do it. (If can also be formatted on PC.)

      Formatting uSD will erase all data in memory and cannot be recovered. Please proceed with the necessary data after the backup.


         7. Select Motion Alarm or Continuous Recording to set the image to be saved.



      • Motion alarm: When motion is detected, It is stored for 1 minute.
      • Continuous recording: Continues recording.
  • I want to prevent users who are registered as sub users from viewing videos anymore.
    • The password is automatically generated upon registration. If you change the password, the shared user will no longer be able to view the camera.

      1. If you press and hold the reset button on the back of the camera for 8~10 seconds, you will hear a tingling sound.
      2. The product automatically reboots and switches to registration mode.
      3. If you delete the registered list and register it, all the users who have already shared and registered will change the camera password and you will no longer be able to view the video.
  • I want to share a registered camera for a while.
    • It has a function to share video to others only for a specified time, and it automatically disables video sharing when the time expires.

      1. From the App home screen, select the third icon “Live”.
      2. Click the list you want to share.
      3. Set sharing start time and end time.
      4. Click “START LIVE”
      5. Select Kakaotalk and select the person you want to share with.
      6. Sharing information is delivered to Kakaotalk message.
      7. The other party can see the video automatically when they click the message to receive the call. When the time expires, the list is automatically deleted and you will no longer be able to see the video.
  • I would like to register my camera with my family.
    • The first registered user is called master user, and the master list is blue. The master user has full control.

      If you want to register with your family, you can share it via Kakaotalk or SMS and e-mail.

      For more information, please refer to the QIG enclosed with the product and click “HELP” at the bottom left of the initial screen of the app, you can see the detailed manual and installation video.

      1. Execute the image view of the registered camera.
      2. Click the share icon in the top right corner of the video you are playing.
      3. When a new menu is seen, click Kakaotalk and select the person you want to share.
      4. Sharing information is delivered to the Kakaotalk message.
      5. The other party will automatically check if you click on the Kakaotalk to receive the message, and if the app does not have an app, go to the app installation screen and install the app first.
      6. Once you click on the received message, you will be automatically registered. Shared recipients are sub-users and can only view images.
  • I want to change the connection to another router in the same place after registration is completed.
    • To change the connection to another router in the same space, please do the following.

      1. Click “Edit” in the upper right corner of the camera list screen.
      2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the two icons.
      3. When the menu appears, click “Wireless Internet Settings.”
      4. Select the router you want to change from the list of cameras around the camera and enter the password.
      5. The product will be rebooted and you can use it online.
      6. If you check the information in the “Edit” window, you can check the WI-Fi connection information at the bottom and check if it has changed.

  • I’ve completed the registration but the camera is still offline.
    • Check the blue LED light on your camera. (Cube Only)

      If the LED is blinking, your camera is not connected to your WiFi. (you could have provided a wrong password)

      Reboot the camera and press the reset button for 2 seconds. Then, re-start the registration.

      If the LED is on and not blinking, your camera is connected to your WiFi but your WiFi device in not properly working. Check your WiFi device and see if your internet is online. 


      For IRON and Beam, check your smartphone settings.
      Turn your GPS on.
      Do not activate “Power Saving” mode.

  • I can’t continue the registration process after inserting the name of WiFi
    • It maybe the case that the camera is not on AP mode.

      You can register the camera when it’s on AP mode.

      To know if your camera is now on AP, press the reset button for 2 seconds.

      If you hear beep sound twice, it’s AP mode that you can start the registration.


      However, if you hear a just one beep, then you have to reboot the camera and press the reset button for 2 seconds in order to change the mode of camera as AP. 


  • Even after the registration, nothing appears on the camera list
    • Activate LTE on your smartphone just in case.

      To complete the registration, the camera must be authenticated by our server, therefore, your phone must be connected with WiFi or LTE, so that the app on your phone can send data to the server.



  • The registration is too complicated for iOS phone
    • Please use “Installation Wizard” on the first screen of the app.

      And it’s easier to follow the instruction step by step.



  • I can’t complete the registration for my camera. It’s not going to the next step but keeps circling
    • Case 1. You could have put a wrong password of your router or

      Case 2. Check your smartphone’s WiFi settings and see if “smart network” is activated.

                   The smart network option must be deactivated.



  • The QR code label is damaged I can’t scan it. What should I do?
      1. Press the reset button for two seconds on the back of your camera
      2. Search “NETWEEN_XXXX” on your smartphone’s WiFi setting screen
      3. You will see a popup message to add your camera as soon as you start Netween Cube app
      4. Click “Okay” to confirm it.
      5. You can continue the process without scanning the QR code.
  • I lost my quick installation guide
  • The check-list before you start setting on your phone
      1. Your smart phone and the CCTV camera must be connected with a same WiFi
      2. Uncheck on “Switching to mobile data” in your phone’s Wifi settings
      3. Activate GPS on your phone



  • I want to use it through WiFi only, not LTE
    • If you don’t want to watch videos when your phone uses LTE, please change the settings to deactivate “USE 3G/LTE” section in the settings of Netween Cube app.





  • What kinds of smart phone devices are workable for Netween CCTV?
    • Any smart phones running on iOS and Android.

      • iPhone V8.2 and over
      • Android V4.2 and over
  • How much data is required to watch videos
    • H.264 formatted HD video data (1280×720) is transferred.

      Therefore, about 5M of high definition video data is transferred per min.

      We recommend you to use WiFi if you aren’t on unlimited data plan.