Micro I


Brochure PC Program App.


Making look more clearly as 500 times enlarged screen.

Micro I is a smartphone micro scope for dry skin, hair condition, kids’ science learning and little damage on a component.



Look enlarge, Meet new world.


Easy to use

Support Plug & play

Working as soon as you plug in and play. Connecting your smartphone, Netween Inc’s exclusive app show the screen.


Enlarge to maximum 500 times.

Just rolling the zoom roll.

Enlarge from min 50 times to max 500 times – rolling the middle wheel, you can make a rate you want.


Exclusive bracket

Bracket for anti shake and stable monitor

Is your screen not stable because of hands shake?

Use the exclusive bracket. You can find high rate screen without shake.






Use to many ways

From professional work to kids’ science learning and skin care – Use it space and situation.

  • Skin, pore, wrinkle and hair as a beauty cam
  • Plant cell, insect as a micro scope
  • Material, surface scratch as a industrial cam



Plant cell

Checking Metal surface



Easy to control the rate with zoom wheel.

Just roll the middle wheel and control the rate as you want

Rate depends on distance.

Being able to zoom in and out from min 50 times to max 500 times.

Watching the clear image with raising and lowering the magnifying power.



No shaking with the bracket.

Fix the micro-I on the bracket and observe.

Preventing hands shaking and note taking with

When image is hard to fix because of the hand shaking, or when you do two things at the same time, you can work more correctly with the bracket.




Camera Camera sensor CMOS Sensor
Resolution VGA(640*480)
Pixel 300,000 Pixel
Maximum raising magnifying power. 500배
Focus distance 8mm~60mm
Design & socket Color / weight White / 90g
Socket type USB 2.0
Light High brightness eight LEDs
Result Image frame 30fps / image capture
How to use Plug & Play