Netween NVR

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A network video storage device that automatically saves captured images.

Storage device that stores images for a long time on TB-class hard disk.

Maximum 4TB SATA HDD connection possible.



Network video storage device proposed by Netween Inc.


Convenient installation

Compare to other company’s products that require a technician to install

Easy to operate just by connection the camera

RGB and HDMI monitor can be connected real-time monitoring


High compatibility

OnVIF 2.0 compatible cameras available

Best compatibility with Netween Cube and Iron

Convenient use with high compatibility with other cameras


Convenient use

Using our NVP app, view anytime and anywhere

Convenient Netween NVR app allows you to view saved or real time videos locally and remotely.




System IPC channel 8 channels
OS Embeded Linux
Compatibility Compatible OnVIF 2.0, third party IP cam
Control mode USB mouse, Keyboard, Network
Storage Record Hand, Full time, Reservation, Motion detection, Alarm event
Record storage One e_SATA port (MAX 4TB)
Backup USB HDD, e-SATA, HDD, network
Remote monitoring IE browser Managing LAN, CS and remote IE
Dual stream Setting up each channel
Motion detection Selecting motion detection space, 6 steps sensitivity
Voice Audio coding Standard G.711
Audio talk Interaction intercom
Network Way RJ45 Ethernet port (1/10M)
Coding H.264
Protocol Onvif 2.0, il3, HTTP, TCP/IP, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, PPPOE, DDNS
USB port USB 2.0, port X 2
Play Monitor divided 1/4/9 dividing support
Resolution 720 / 960 mode ~ 4ch play / 1080P mode ~ 1ch play
Search Time(calendar) backup, Event
Zoom 15times digital zoom
Play mode Play, Pause, Stop Rewind, Fast-forward,, Slow-forward, Next fie, Previous file, Next-Previous cam, Full frame, Backup repeat
Video IP Video input 4 channel 1080P / 960P / 720P IP camera input
Video print 1 HDTV HDMI, 1 VGA
Stream quality 1080P(30fps) / 960P, 720P 30fps
Video resolution 1080P(30fps) / 960P, 720P 1~30fps
Normal Power 12V / 2A
Power consumption (excepting HDD) ≤ 10W
Size 88mm X 88mm X 32mm
Weight 250g (excepting HDD weight)
Flood protection No / Only indoor
Connector RS-45’s 10BaseT / 100BaseTX, VGA, HDMI, USB
Protection grade Indoor / Outdoor
Working temperature -10℃ ~ 55℃
Humidity 20% ~ 80% (Non-condensable)



The reason why Netween NVR is good

Efficient bandwidth savings

Longer storage times compared to HDD capacity

Netween NVR has the effect of using bandwidth effectively by using efficient codec(H.264).

Especially, the use of H.264 codec improves the image transmission efficiency and reduces the cost of system construction.



Easy to use for anyone

App. / WiFi wireless

There is a WiFi function which only as an expensive equipment. /

Easy to use through exclusive App.



The best price NVR you can buy

Rental cost ZERO, Maintenance cost ZERO

Have you been reluctant to purchase expensive equipment from other company and pay monthly rent and maintenance cost?

Netween NVR is free to use for a lifetime of a purchase.




Netween NVR’s efficient storage performance

One 400days 800days 1600days
Two 200days 400days 800days
Three 130days 265days 530days
Four 100days 200days 400days

※ Based on an normal office