Netween I Pro

PC Program(Old ver.) PC Program(New ver.)


Router falls in love with IP cam.

Wire/Wireless router + IP cam + Smartphone App.


Features of netween I

1. There are cam and three ports routers feature all together


2. Solving the IP cam’s problem.

  • No need additional cost : It is different from the other IP cam which needs a router, just once buy and can use.
  • Easy to setting : No complex setting steps, and internet cable.
  • Easy to use : Downloading app and simple setting
  • Separate to use : Because of an inner battery, you can separate the IP cam and put nearby you want.
  • Unique design : As different from the existing IP cam, good-looking shape. It also could be used kind of an interior accessory.



How to use 1. Wire/wireless router



How to use 2. IP cam



Separate to use the camera part



Color White
Pixel 300,000 pixel
Radio transmission 802.11b/g/n
Resolution VGA 640X480
Video format MJPEG
Frame Maximum 30 frames per second
Shooting angle 60º