Wifi Kit



More freedom of cable connection to USB camera

Wire cam can be connected to micro USB camera wirelessly

Can connect to both Android and iOS



On-site partner to help more real-time collaboration with with wireless internet


Wireless transmission method

remote transfer through WI-FI


Available to capture images wirelessly from a camera connected to a USB socket

Direct video transmission to a smartphone within 50 meters maximum


Compatible with iOS and Android

Compatible with Netween USB cameras

If you couldn’t use Netween Wired cam, Micro Eye, Action cam because you are an iPhone user?

Meet the Wi-Fi kit


Low-volume data transfer and storage (WiFi-kit Plus only)

High compression ratio due to H.264 codec usage

Are you worried about the amount of data when transmitting over the air?

WiFi Kit Plus – Micro SD up to 64GB can be stored
(coming soon)






WIFI kit is a device that wirelessly transmits images of camera connected via USB.


Compatible with smart phones (iOS, Android) or PCs that use Wi-Fi communication.

and avilable to wirelessly transmit captured videos and images.




The WI-FI kit is an universal USB camera connection equipment.

It is possible to transmit the scene with the smartphone-connected camera and to operate it remotely.

  • WiFi (PRO) Kit + Wire Cam
    Remotely work the engine room together between mechanics.
  • WiFi (PRO) Kit + Micro-I
    Get the right solution for your skin condition without going to the skin care room.
  • WiFi (PRO) Kit + Action Cam
    The site video is delivered hands-free for ecosystem, outdoor, and rescue activities.


Maintaining car


Telemedicine and Beauty care service






Camera Supported camera types USB 2.0 UVC Camera
Supported resolutions HD(1280×720), VGA(640×480)
Storage Micro-SD (Only WiFi Kit Plus)  Supported up to 64GB 
Language Kor/Eng  
Power USB An adapter or a power bank
Battery 6V Li-battery (for camera)
Control image Resolution control General(640 x 480), High quality(1280 x 720)
Landscape view Support(Automatic switching)
Video Recording Saving at Micro-SD and Smartphone
Zoom Up to 4x digital zoom
WiFi WiFi type AP mode
Maximum wireless 50m
Connection distance Ch1~Cj13
Channel 14dBm
Output power antenna 2dBi internal antenna
Operationg Temperature -10℃~+50℃  
Operation Direct connection General support
F/W upgrade Upgrade via u-SD
Remote transmission method Station infrastructure(AP) Set-up
Product automatic search General support