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Wire cam that connects to your smartphone for making your daily life more comfy

During Maintain your car, wire cam can reached the spot you can’t,

when fixing electronics, and when watching the drain, puppy’s ear, also it will be help.



Wire cam that Total solution company Netween Inc is suggested


Easy to use

Plug & Play

Working as soon as you plug in and play!

Connecting your smartphone, Netween Inc’s exclusive app show the screen.


Waterproof completely.

IP 68

  • Airtight Level 6 : any dust can’t go through the wire cam
  • Waterproof Level 8 : waterproof in depth 1m
  • You can use it in water with complete dustproof and waterproof.





Three head type

Soft / hard / super slim – please use to it according to your situation.


Soft type

It can be gotten through easy a curved pipe

Hard type

You can make fix an angle, so it can be passed a hurdle

Super slim type

The thinnest size in the world, 1.9inch wire cam can pass narrow path.



Exchanging the head, transforming as the other tool.

Hook / magnetic / reflecting mirror head make more useful.


Hook head

You can remove easy a thing you can’t reach out with the hook.

Reflecting mirror head

Mirror effect for a spot which is hard to see

Magnetic head

When you drop a bolt?

Drag out with the magnetic head!



High Brightness 6LED lights

Removal frost on LEDs

Control the brightness


Completely waterproof and dustproof


Support Micro 5Pin

OTG cable

Real time image

Taking snapshots and videos

Neween Inc.’s exclusive App

Download and use

(Google Play)

Android which can be used the OTG cable.




Camera Camera sensor CMOS Sensor
Resolution VGA(640*480)
Pixel 300,000 Pixel
A tie 2.4
Minimize focus distance 30mm
Design&socket Camera diameter 5.5mm / super slim size: 4.9mm
Socket type USB 2.0(Including OTG cable)
Light High Brightness six LEDs
Result Image frame 30ftps / image capture
How to use Plug & Play